We are closed!

Darling Buds of Play has closed.

After four years, I’ve made the difficult decision to shut up shop.

I’ve spent four years building mudkitchens, sandpits and picnic tables. I’ve blogged, I’ve tried my hand at sewing, I’ve made homes for penguins. I’ve taken what I learned from Buds and started another business offering marketing services.

Buds has been successful beyond my wildest dreams. There are hundreds of families all over Canterbury, as far south as Invercargill and even up to Wellington who have a Darling Buds creation in their yard. I’ve woken up on Christmas mornings knowing kids all over are waking up to something I built.

But, it’s now taking my precious time away from my kids. Particularly at this time of year, Ian and I are struggling to juggle full time jobs, building for Buds and parenting. So, we’ve had to make the call and this will be our last Christmas.

If you have an order with us, it will still be built! You can contact me on 027 405 4541.

If you think you’d like to take this incredible business on and keep making awesome toys for Christchurch kids, please get in touch with me:

Email: kat@darlingbudsofplay.nz

Phone: 027 405 4541