Most of my childhood memories are outdoors; climbing trees, falling out of trees, getting stung by stinging nettle,and helping grandad pick up leaves.

As an adult I still enjoy being outdoors but feel like I need to be productive with my time and climbing trees just doesn’t feel very in-line with my physical capabilities these days.

Gardening as a hobby has always been something I’ve dreamed of aspiring too yet failed when it has felt overwhelming… THERE’S SO MUCH TO LEARN!

You think with a childhood mostly outside I would have picked up a few gardening tips. Yet sadly I don’t know what a weed is and what’s not.

I have tried to learn how to garden via books, youtube and instagram yet I have accepted the fact that I learn the best by ‘doing’. I heard a few weeks ago that a great way to learn how to garden is going down to a community garden and learning from the others there. Perfect!

Sounds like great advice right?

The only thing standing in the way was myself. I pictured turning up there and being met with a lumberjack and a khaki wearing ranger girl who runs with lions. Why do we do this to ourselves? Build things up in our heads and turn a harmless thing into the scariest most intimidating thing out there. I have made a point of trying to push those (often incredibly wrong) assumptions to the side and facing the fear.

And how wrong was I?! I was met with the most kind, sweet and welcoming duo. They were so happy to see me and harboured no judgement at all. One lady actually admitted that she knew nothing when she started either and really recommended learning through the community garden.

If there is something you’re putting off for fear of looking silly, getting it wrong or whatever it may be. I encourage you to try and push yourself to do it.

Also, if you have a community garden by you I definitely want to encourage you go go down and check it out!