I am far from being zero waste… it is definitely something that weighs heavily on my mind. Especially when I see or hear of what is happening to our beautiful world. It embarrasses me to admit that when I see our rubbish bin overflowing I get a pang of guilt punch me in the stomach.

Every change you make, no matter how small, matters! I mean, you could not care at all and stay the same, right? Instead of tackling this major task, that can sometimes seem so big and overwhelming, I have decided to change little things where I can.

One thing that I have found that has reduced our waste considerably as well as saved us money AND made our cupboards look super cute, is shopping at bulk bins.

Here in Christchurch I go to Bin Inn. You can take a container of your choosing and write the weight of the container on the bottom or the lovely people at the store can do it for you. Then you fill up the container with your goodies and they give you a discount for using your own container! How awesome is that?

Kat’s note:

Bin Inn is a great place to find some of those more obscure ingredients that you come across in fancy recipes. I love my Annabel Langbein books, but I need help finding all the ingredients at times.

With family and friends who are coeliac or prefer to avoid gluten, I also find it has an awesome selection of gluten free ingredients, from pastas and breads to alternative flours, raising agents and baking mixes.
This is not a sponsored post, we just both love Bin Inn!

And, what a bonus, my pantry looks super cute with all these glass jars filled with goodies! Win, win! Of course, you could be super organised and have all the same jars and write the names of the contents on the jar. I have just gone with old glass jars from things I have used in the past and I don’t like my handwriting so I have gone for more of a disheveled organic look 😉

There are lots of little ways to make your home just a little bit more waste free and we will be sharing more tips with you. I’d love to know some of your tips too, so please share them with us! We are always wanting to do more for our beautiful environment so that future generations can enjoy it as much as we are.